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Lucky SHD 400 Dx-coded. Exp 06/2027

Embrace Bold Grain & Classic Black & White

Calling all analog enthusiasts! Take your black & white photography to the next level with Lucky SHD 400, a fresh reimagining of a beloved Chinese film.

SHD 400 delivers a unique aesthetic:

  • ISO 400: Capture fleeting moments and low-light scenes with ease.
  • Distinctive Grain: This film produces a pronounced, artistic grain structure, adding depth and character to your photos.
  • Sharp Details: Despite the grain, SHD 400 retains impressive sharpness, ensuring your subjects remain clear.
  • Highly Affordable: Experiment with a unique film stock without burning a hole in your wallet.

SHD 400 is perfect for:

  • Street photography: Capture the raw energy of the streets with the film's gritty charm.
  • Portraiture: Add an artistic edge to your portraits with the film's distinctive grain.
  • Documentary photography: Lend a timeless feel to your documentary projects.
  • Experimental photography: Push the boundaries of creativity and explore the unique character of this film.

A recent revival, SHD 400 offers a taste of black & white film history. Embrace the legacy of Lucky Film and create captivating images that stand out from the digital crowd.


  • Film format: 35mm
  • Exposures: 36 per roll
  • Film Speed: ISO 400
  • Film Type: Black & White Negative
  • Process: D-76 (or equivalent black & white film developer)

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