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Meet the Paterson Universal Tank - your ideal companion for seamless film processing! 🎞️

Whether you're working with two 35mm film rolls or a single roll of 120/220 film, this versatile tank has you covered. Plus, it comes equipped with two multi-format reels that accommodate various film types, including 35mm, 126, 127, 120, or 220 rolls.

The Super System 4 boasts a well-thought-out design for your convenience. The locking funnel ensures that your reels stay securely in place, offering peace of mind during the development process. As an added safety measure, the cap can't be locked if the funnel isn't properly seated.

Say goodbye to messy spills! Chemicals pour smoothly without splashing, and the tank's bottom features permanent indicators for precise solution measurements.

Here's what makes the Super System 4 truly outstanding:

  • All parts are interchangeable for maximum versatility.
  • Loading is a breeze, and filling and cleaning are faster and easier compared to any other tank on the market.
  • The tank's large diameter, one-piece lid, and secure funnel make filling and emptying a quick and secure process.

Experience the ultimate in film processing convenience with the Paterson Universal Tank - Super System 4! 📷✨

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