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Embrace Cinematic Expression: CineStill 400D Large Format 4x5 Sheet Film (#cinestill400d #largeformatfilm #filmphotography)

Unleash your creative potential with CineStill 400D, now available in the expansive world of large-format photography! This versatile color-negative film, renowned for its cinematic look, delivers exceptional results for both daylight and portrait applications.

Capture Exquisite Detail:

  • Fine Grain: Achieve remarkable sharpness and detail, perfect for capturing vast landscapes, architectural wonders, or intimate portraits.
  • Wide Exposure Latitude: Shoot confidently in various lighting conditions, from bright sun to controlled studio settings.
  • Vibrant Colors: Experience rich, natural tones that faithfully reproduce the scene before you.

Cinematic Inspiration:

  • Daylight Balanced (ISO 400): Ideal for capturing vibrant colors and crisp details in natural light.
  • Pushable Up to 3200: Experiment with pushing to achieve a unique aesthetic or extend your shooting capabilities in low-light situations. (Note: Pushing requires additional processing steps)
  • Cinematic Look: Achieve a signature soft-toned aesthetic reminiscent of classic motion pictures.

Ideal For:

  • Landscape photographers who are seeking exceptional detail and vibrant color rendition.
  • Portrait photographers who desire a natural, cinematic look for their subjects.
  • Fine art photographers exploring the creative possibilities of large format film.
  • Anyone captivated by the expressive qualities of analog photography.

Elevate your photography with CineStill 400D Large Format 4x5 Sheet Film!

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