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Knowledge Level: consumer grade - amateur to serious hobbyist

Recommended Lighting: late afternoon to early evening until sunset

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Are you looking for the Kodak Vision 5207 (250D) film with remjet removed so that it can be C41 processed?

Due to the global shortage of color C41 films, more companies are taking bulk motion picture films with a remjet layer, removing that layer, and packaging them in 35mm film canisters. Reflx Lab takes it a notch on how.

Reflx Lab is located in Shenzen, China, and is actively managed by two co-founders, Yongxiang (Marketing & Sales) and Shu (Tech Guru). They established the Reflx brand based on the word "Reflective" with a primary goal of providing budget products to film photography lovers around the globe.

But, for the two co-founders, a budget product doesn't translate to cheap or cutting corners. For example, each 400 Daylight film comes in a brand-new metal canister that you can reuse. 

They are slowly expanding their offerings, starting with films in color (C41) 400 and 800 ISO. They also have a 400 ISO black and white film.

The 400 Daylight ISO color film is based on Kodak Vision 5207 (250D) fresh film stock (not expired):

  • Rem-Jet layer removed
  • The daylight-balanced film, ideally for outdoor shooting during the day
  • More neutral than the 500T, with vintage and nostalgic tones 
  • Film Format: 35mm color negative
  • ISO: 400 (DX coded)
  • Process: C-41
  • Brand-new metal canister and costs less than other 400D films
  • The storage can is made of aluminum, which can be reused or recycled.

The Kodak Vision 5207 (250D) film is marketed under different brand names though not all are C41; some are ECN-2 and 24 or 27, or 36 exposures. So, when comparing prices, check as ECN-2 processing is still relatively uncommon.

  • Amber D400
  • QWD Kodak Vision 5207

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