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Knowledge Level: consumer grade - amateur to serious hobbyist

Recommended Lighting: indoors, brightly lit patio

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Are you looking for the Kodak Vision 5219 (500T) film with remjet removed so that it can be C41 processed?

This is a motion picture film by Kodak called 5219/7219 500T.  The cutting-edge VISION3 500T film is expertly designed for analog film photography enthusiasts seeking unparalleled image quality in various lighting conditions. Experience the brilliance of Kodak's innovative Dye Layering Technology (DLT), which significantly reduces grain in shadows, empowering you to confidently explore the limits of exposure.

Capture stunning low-light photographs with VISION3 500T film, specifically engineered to deliver high-quality images in dimly-lit scenes. Benefit from elevated signal-to-noise ratios for striking clarity and detail. Its extended highlight latitude feature ensures exceptional versatility, allowing you to extract even more intricate details from highlights in extreme lighting situations.

Embrace the captivating world of analog film photography with the VISION3 500T Film - the ultimate choice for breathtaking results and superior performance.

Reflx Lab, like many other companies, buys bulk spools of the 5219 500T film from Kodak and repackages them into 35mm 36 exposure format for use with SLR film cameras. Because the anti-halation or remjet layer is removed from the motion picture film, the ISO is rated at 800. However, you could shoot it at the native ISO of 500.

  • Made from fresh 5219 motion picture film
  • Rem-Jet layer removed
  • A tungsten-balanced film, ideally for indoor or night scape shooting
  • Distinctive, futuristic halation effect
  • Film Format: 35mm color negative
  • ISO: 800 (DX coded)
  • Process: C-41
  • Packaged in a collectible tin

The same film is marketed under different brands, but not all of them are C41. Some are ECN-2. Also, check if you are getting 24 or 27, or 36 exp.

  • Amber T800
  • QWD Kodak Vision 3 500T

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