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Wolfen NP100 100 ISO 35mm x 36exp. Black and White Film from ORWO is an exceptionally fine grain 100 ASA film. This is one of the first brand new and professionally finished photo films launched by the company in decades, proudly still produced in Bitterfeld-Wolfen on the original site where film manufacture has been a tradition since 1910. 

NP100 differs from WOLFEN UN54 because it has an additional dyed antihalation layer. This layer is positioned between the base material and the emulsion layer and has the task of preventing the formation of a reflection halo. This improves image sharpness.

Wolfen NP100 has been made available on a limited run of 36,000 cassettes (36 exposures).


  • Film Type: B&W
  • ASA/ISO: 100
  • Exposures: 36
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