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Introducing the award-winning 510 Pyro developer - the perfect solution for all your black-and-white film needs. Developed by the renowned Jay DeFehr, this modern pyro developer boasts exceptional fine grain and sharpness, ensuring your images are of the highest quality.

With a shelf life of over six years, 510 Pyro provides maximum image stain and minimal general stain, making it the ideal choice for rotary processors. The stain offered by this developer gives extraordinary shadow recovery in direct digitization of negatives, great highlight separation for darkroom printing, and more density for highlights when using UV-based alt process printing methods.

This developer is incredibly economical, thanks to its highly dilute working solutions of 1:100 to 1:500. You will achieve stunning results and save money. Choose 510 Pyro and take your black-and-white film photography to the next level.


  • Razor-sharp and extremely fine grain
  • A long tonal range in shadows and highlights
  • 30-100 roll capacity
  • 6+ years shelf life
  • Protects film from damage
  • Produces negatives optimized for scanning, printing, and alternative process
  • Syringe included for accurate dispensing

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