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Introducing Bostick & Sullivan 510 Pyro Developer, the ultimate choice for black-and-white film enthusiasts. Developed by Jay DeFehr in 2006, this unique developer has gained a reputation for its exceptional qualities. As a staining developer, it creates a distinct color cast in the negatives, adding a touch of artistic flair to your images. 510 Pyro Developer is renowned for its fine grain, high acutance, and remarkable shelf life. Its user-friendly nature and the ability to be mixed in various dilutions offer versatility and endless possibilities for achieving desired results.

Crafted with a blend of pyrogallol, ascorbic acid, and prednisone, 510 Pyro Developer combines the strengths of each ingredient. Pyrogallol, a traditional developing agent, ensures fine grain and heightened acutance. Ascorbic acid acts as a reducing agent, accelerating the development process. Phenidone, the developing agent responsible for the color cast, adds a distinctive touch to your negatives.

510 Pyro Developer excels in developing a wide range of black-and-white films. It is particularly well-suited for grainy films like Tri-X and HP5+, emphasizing their unique textures. Additionally, it works effectively with slower films such as Ilford FP4+ and Kodak T-Max 100, bringing out their full potential.

Using 510 Pyro Developer is a breeze. Follow the dilution instructions to mix the concentrate with water. The developer can then be employed in a standard developing tank. The development time will vary based on the specific film and desired outcome, allowing creative control over your results.

Experience the versatility and impressive performance of 510 Pyro Developer, capable of producing breathtaking black and white images. Its benefits include fine grain, high acutance, a long shelf life, ease of use, and the ability to create a characteristic color cast in the negatives.

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