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The Essential Portra Portrait Bundle: Capture Every Light with 35mm Film (3-Pack)

Unlock the full potential of portrait photography with the Essential Portra Portrait Bundle! This curated 35mm film collection combines the coveted Kodak Professional Portra trio: 160, 400, and 800.

Unveiling the Power of Choice:

  • Exclusive: This bundle offers the highly sought-after Portra 160 and 400 in convenient 3-pack quantities. Traditionally only available in 5-pack configurations, this bundle provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with these exceptional portrait films without over-committing.
  • Embrace Diverse Lighting: Master any lighting scenario with the perfect film speed. Capture stunning details in bright sunlight with Portra 160 (ISO 160), achieve beautiful results in natural light with Portra 400 (ISO 400), and conquer low-light conditions with Portra 800 (ISO 800).
  • Legendary Portra Quality: Experience the renowned smooth skin tones, exceptional sharpness, and natural color reproduction that define the Portra family.

Elevate your portraiture with the Essential Portra Portrait Bundle! This versatile collection empowers you to create breathtaking images regardless of the lighting conditions.

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