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Kodak UltraMax 400 ISO 35mm 24 Exposures Film 3-Pack (72 Exposures Total)

Kodak Ultra Max 400 Film: Capturing Memories in Stunning Clarity 📸

Unleash your inner photographer and never miss a moment with Kodak Ultra Max 400 Film! Designed for the snapshooter in all of us, this high-speed film is your reliable partner for all picture-taking scenarios.

Worry-Free Photography 🌈

Say goodbye to underexposed, blurry, or dull photos. The Kodak Ultra Max 400 is engineered to give you better low-light picture quality, greater flash range, and enhanced zoom lens compatibility. It's as versatile as you are—ready to capture that beautiful sunset or spontaneous night-out with friends!

Crisp, Vibrant Photos 🌟

The Ultra Max 400 Film comes with advanced T-GRAIN Emulsion technology and antenna dye sensitization. These features ensure that every shot you take has excellent sharpness and fine grain, even when enlarged. So go ahead, blow up that perfect shot and hang it on your wall; it will look as clear as your memories.

Accurate Colors, Natural Tones 🎨

Say hello to breathtakingly vibrant photos! The optimized color precision technology ensures that every hue pops and skin tones look as natural as in real life. Whether you're capturing a colorful parade or a family gathering, the Ultra Max 400 won't let you down.

Features at a Glance 🌟

  • Traditional color negative film: A tried and true medium for capturing rich, expressive photos
  • Advanced T-GRAIN Emulsion technology: Superior sharpness and fine grain
  • Antenna dye sensitization: Increased sensitivity for better low-light photography
  • Advanced development accelerators: Quicker processing for vivid and clear results
  • Optimized color precision technology: Consistently bright, vibrant colors and natural skin tones

Capture the world through your lens with Kodak Ultra Max 400 film, because your memories deserve to be as vivid as the moments themselves. 📷🌈

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Your next great shot is just a click away. Add the Kodak Ultra Max 400 Film to your cart today! 🛒📸

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