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Rollei RPX 25: Uncompromising Black & White in a Medium Format Marvel (120 Roll Film)

Embrace the bigger picture with the Rollei RPX 25! This ultra-fine-grained, slow-speed black-and-white film, offered in a versatile 120 medium-format roll, empowers photographers to capture stunning detail and artistic expression on larger frames.

Unveil the Grandeur of Medium Format:

  • ISO 25 for Exquisite Detail: Shoot in bright outdoor environments or with slower shutter speeds for creative effects, achieving exceptional detail with minimal grain on your favorite medium-format cameras.
  • Unmatched Sharpness & Resolution: Render intricate details with breathtaking clarity, perfect for capturing expansive landscapes, portraits, or creative projects in captivating black and white.
  • Exceptional Grain Structure: Experience near-mythical fine grain, allowing for extraordinary enlargements that showcase the full potential of your medium format negatives.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: For impactful and expressive large-format prints, achieve a breathtaking spectrum of tones, from brilliant highlights to deep, rich blacks.
  • The Rollei Legacy: Embrace the heritage of a renowned photographic brand known for quality and innovation in 35mm and medium-format film.

More Than Just Film:

  • Creative Control: The slow ISO allows for more control over depth of field and motion blur, opening doors for artistic expression on medium-format cameras.
  • Panoramic Potential: Capture breathtaking landscapes and expansive scenes with exceptional detail, perfect for showcasing the world's grandeur in black and white.
  • Professional Results: Trusted by discerning photographers, the RPX 25 in 120 format delivers exceptional quality for hobbyists and working professionals who shoot medium format films.

Unlock the full potential of black-and-white medium format photography with the Rollei RPX 25!

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