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Embrace the Classic Look with CatLabs X Film 80 II

Dive into timeless photography with CatLabs X Film 80 II, now available in 120-roll film format. Drawing inspiration from Kodak's legendary Panatomic-X, used in Polaroid's renowned Type 55 film, CatLabs X Film 80 II is designed to revive the classic era of photography. This film is not just a throwback; it's a leap into the aesthetic of yesteryears, enhanced with modern technology.

Why CatLabs X Film 80 II?

  • Superb Fine Grain: Enjoy the highest level of detail and clarity in your photos, perfect for enlargements without losing the essence of film photography.
  • Moderate Contrast: Achieve striking images with balanced tones, from the deepest blacks to the brightest whites, ensuring every photo tells a story.
  • Wide Exposure Latitude: Whether under the harsh noon sun or in the subtle light of dawn, this film adapts to various lighting conditions, offering unmatched versatility.
  • Daylight Optimized: Specifically formulated for daylight use, it captures the world in its natural beauty, making it ideal for outdoor photography.
  • Versatile ISO Rating: From a base ISO of 80 to pushable limits of 800, explore photography in varying light conditions without compromising quality.

Ideal For Various Photography Genres:

  • Landscape: Revel in the intricate details of nature.
  • Portraiture: Capture timeless expressions with a touch of nostalgia.
  • Street Photography: Document everyday life with a vintage flair.
  • Architectural: Highlight the elegance and strength of architectural marvels.

Processing Instructions: Detailed guidelines for D-76/ID-11, Rodinal, and other developers ensure you get the best out of each roll, whether aiming for the finest grain or pushing the ISO for those low-light scenes.

Get Your Hands on CatLabs X Film 80 II Today!

Whether you're a seasoned film photographer or new to the analog world, CatLabs X Film 80 II promises a journey back in time, with each frame capturing a piece of history. Available in both 120 roll and 4X5, 8X10 sheet formats, it's time to load your camera and let your creative spirit soar.

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P.S. We love seeing your masterpieces! Share your shots taken with CatLabs X Film 80 II using #CatLabsFilmX80II for a chance to be featured on our page. Let's keep the tradition of film photography alive and thriving!

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