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Crafted from Kodak Vision 5207 250D Motion Picture Film

Introducing our 120 Medium Format Film, re-spooled from the legendary 65mm Kodak Vision 5207 motion picture film. Renowned for its cinematic richness, the 5207 film is known for delivering stunning color reproduction, exceptional contrast, and fine grain, allowing you to infuse your photography with the hallmark characteristics of Hollywood’s go-to film.

Rem-Jet Layer Intact for Artistic Liberty

Preserving the Rem-Jet layer, this film grants photographers the artistic liberty to manipulate the development process, ensuring each shot is as unique as their creative vision.

Versatile & Daylight Balanced for Sunlit Mastery

ISO 250 and daylight balanced, this versatile film is a photographer’s dream for sun-drenched outdoor shooting, capturing the vibrancy and nuances of the world in the golden glow of sunlight.

Optimized for ECN-2 Processing

To bring out the best of the 5207 film characteristics, this film is optimized for ECN-2 processing. Ensure ECN-2 development availability in your area to unlock the full cinematic potential of this film.

Sustainable Choice with a Unique Touch

With back paper recycled from labs, this film is a nod to sustainability. The occasional slight light leaks on the film edges, due to spool variations, add an unexpected and distinctive charm to your captures.

Dive into the world of cinematic excellence with the characteristics of Kodak Vision 5207 in our 120 Medium Format Film. Add to your cart and let every frame tell a story!

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