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Knowledge Level: professional grade

Recommended Lighting: bright light

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This color film is called SantaColor 100, and while not a new stock, it has not been available to the broader, international analog stills photography market. It is a well-known 35mm color air surveillance film by Kodak - the Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 Aerochrome.

The film is freshly made and is a 100 ISO color negative film compatible with the normal C41 process. As this is not a movie film, it has no special (remjet) backing and can quickly be processed at any lab worldwide or home. Finally, it is very color-accurate and has excellent grain and detail - it can also be pushed to 800 ISO for slightly more contrasty but beautiful results.

  • Name: SantaColor 100
  • Film type: Colour negative, air surveillance
  • Film speed: 100 ISO
  • Colors: Highly color-accurate with slightly increased red sensitivity. When scanned, it is typically on the warmer and sometimes on the redder sides. 
  • Grain: Very fine, but made to create very sharp pictures as it is an air surveillance film
  • Exposure latitude: Wide, with acceptable results from 25 ISO to 800 ISO (with pulling and pushing)
  • Manufacturing: Freshly made in 2022 in the USA and hand-spooled in Finland
  • DX coding: No, but most cameras with DX readers default to ISO 100 - the film is useable in point-and-shoot cameras.

Processing and scanning:

  • Process: Normal C41 can also be cross processed in E6 for relatively nice positives (exposed at 100 ISO)
  • Compatible with Minilabs and other industrial processing: Yes
  • Base: Mostly clear, slightly orange base. Not directly compatible with the RA4 process. Due to the thinner, clearer base, we recommend you load the film indoors, not in direct sunlight, as this might lead to light leaks on the first frames.
  • Scanning: Due to the clearer base, some scanners are confused by the film and give a very red image. This is easily correct when home scanning or done by a good lab.
  • RA4 Printing: The clear film base requires an additional filter to be compatible with the RA4 process. The easiest way of doing this is to process a strip of unexposed C41 color negative film and use that as an additional filter to yield normal printing results.

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