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Unleash creative potential with the Flic Films 35mm ECN-2 Vision 3 Color Film 4-Pack! This curated selection features 4 unique ECN-2 films for diverse lighting conditions and artistic expression.

Embrace Various Lighting:

  • Flic 50D (Daylight Balanced, ISO 50): Capture vivid landscapes with exceptional detail in bright conditions. (ECN-2 processing)
  • Flic 200T (Tungsten Balanced, ISO 200): Master low-light with warm tones, ideal for artistic indoor photography. (ECN-2 processing)
  • Flic 250D (Daylight Balanced, ISO 250): Versatile balance for various lighting scenarios. (ECN-2 processing)
  • Flic 500T (Tungsten Balanced, ISO 500): Push low-light boundaries with creative effects. (ECN-2 processing)

All films offer:

  • Renowned Kodak Vision 3 quality (sharpness, wide exposure latitude, rich colors)
  • ECN-2 processing required (ensure compatibility with your development lab)

Expand your creative horizons & explore diverse ECN-2 film stocks!

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